Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Talk on your cell and be a humanitarian simultaneously.


I've been sitting on gold for a days now and I keep forgetting to share the wealth.

Credo Mobile, the greenest phone company operating since 1985, has an offer that is quite legit. Here are the specs for your pocket:

-Credo will buyout your current contract (up to $200)
-If you are on a family plan, they will buy out up to 3 lines (up to $600 in total)
-Credo will give you a new phone that looks sharper than a blade for free
-Credo will also give you a solar power charger for free

The network coverage is through Sprint, so you won't be left in the dark when you're out in the boonies trying to make a call.

AND to top it all of, 1% of your service charge will go directly to a nonprofit organization such as ACLU, Greenpeace and Global Fund for Women. So far Credo has given $60 million dollars to various organizations like the ones mentioned above, as well as, Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders and Planned Parenthood. It helped increase the first fuel-economy standards in 23 years. It protested against Prop 8. It help shut down 30 coal mines. It lobbied against the War in Iraq. Being socially responsible isn't just a fad for them.

The only catch is...

The offer expires December 18th, 2008. I know that's quite soon (my fault!) but hey, there really isn't much to lose.

Don't you want to make a difference while talking to your friends about your refrigerator's new and not-so-pleasant stench?

The promo code is 500226.

Learn more about Credo and Act Peace:

An Easy Way to Spread Peace

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Naaila said...

i hate you for posting this so late.