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Gaza blockade causes a slew of atrocities.

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In September 2007, Israel labeled the Gaza strip, the strip of Palestinian land whose borders are controlled by Israel and which is home to 1.5 million Palestinians, as an "enemy entity". The action of indiscriminately labeling 1.5 million people as enemies came about after rockets were launched by militants in the Gaza region. Regardless of these militants acts, which are inexcusable, a blanket of prejudice against a group of people and their collective punishment by the government is never justifiable.
Since November 5th, however, Gaza's borders have been blocked by the Israeli government due to the breakdown of a five month truce between Hamas, the Palestinian group that controls Gaza, and Israel. This breakdown occurred due to an incursion made by Israel into Gaza and led to the deaths of numerous alleged Palestinian militants. After these killings, Palestinian militants retaliated by rocket launches into Israeli territory, which caused several to be injured.

The blockade of Gaza's borders has caused massive socio-economic devastation. Prior to the blockade, Gaza was already entirely dependent on humanitarian aid. Now, however, the level of poverty, starvation and disease has greatly increased due to Israel blocking the majority of humanitarian aid that is trying to come in. The little aid that is let in is not sufficient enough to sustain the 1.5 million Palestinians. Presently, 46% of Gazan children suffer from acute anemia and greater than 80% of the Gazan population live below the level of poverty.

Furthermore, Israel is drastically cutting off fuel supplies, which is leading to power outages. Gaza has been dependent on Israel on electricity and fuel ever since Israel bombed Gaza's only power plant in June 2006. Without constant electricity, hospitals are substantially affected and the injured and sick are not properly cared for. These people are even denied entry to Israel to get medicalcare, which leads to even further deaths.

Israel has just recently blocked news agencies like New York Times, CNN, AP, as well as, some UN officials like Richard Falk from entering Israel, which means that less people will become aware about this situation and of the ongoing atrocities.

This blockade is nothing short of a Crime Against Humanity.

A video that makes these horrors a little more tangible.
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