Monday, December 15, 2008

President Unprecendent

Hello my little balls of joy,

Mr. Bush and his glorious team of do-gooders are at it again.

After using torture and extraordinary rendition, which is the act of transferring (read: kidnapping) suspected terrorists to a state that is torture-prone, Mr. Bush may use his presidential power to pardon his administration officials from criminal charges. And of course, we should expect no less from him.

This would be another unprecedented act for Mr. Bush.

Although, under the constitution, the president is given authority to grant pardons for federal offenses, this administration had already clearly violated the Constitution when it authorized the use of torture. Furthermore, by granting pardons prior to his torture-team even being charged, those pardons would then block the conduction of criminal investigations or prosecutions.

If the Bush administration feels as though it has followed the Constitution, then why not let criminal investigations occur? If it has performed no illegal act, then it has nothing to hide.

In any case, we must make sure that Bush hears our protests. We cannot let him preemptively pardon. We cannot let the truth be hidden from us.

Act Peace:
Say No to Pardons

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