Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel's killing rampage in Gaza.

Since Saturday:
More than 300 Palestinians have been killed. Over 1400 are injured. Hospitals are overflowing with bodies of the dead and wounded. This has been the bloodiest attack since the 1967 War.

This is fucking ridiculous. For the past 3 days, Israel has been dropping F-16 bombs in Gaza. Its reason for doing so is to stop (read: murder) Hamas and other militant groups. However, its attempts to target only militants have been weak, to put it kindly. Israel shows no sign of halting this killing spree. All of this occurred after the 6 month truce between Israel and Hamas expired.

Palestinians mourning the deaths of 3 children.

And of course, the U.S. is continuing to kiss Israel's ass and furthering putting the U.S. in harms way. Mrs. Condi Rice stated, "We strongly condemn the repeated rocket and mortar attacks against Israel and hold Hamas responsible for breaking the ceasefire and for the renewal of violence there."

What a surprise.

The U.N., however, is condemning Israel's severe use of force and holding it responsible for the deaths and injuries of civilians.

If the U.S. acted independent of Israel, then there would be no doubt to who actually prompted these attacks. Here's a concise breakdown:

- Israel's ongoing and illegal occupation of Gaza (legally Palestinian territory) since 1967.
- Gaza militants fire rockets occasionally into Israel in protest of the occupation causing injuries.
- September 2007: Israel declares Gaza an "enemy entity". It cuts off the majority of humanitarian aid, fuel and power in Gaza.
- Israel leads an incursion into Gaza killing several people (alleged militants).
- Nov. 5th 2008, Palestinian militants respond by launching rockets.
- Above event led to the Gaza blockade, which further reduced the amount of humanitarian aid and power that Gaza receives.
- Israel bombs Gaza with F-16s murdering and injuring +300 and +1400, respectively.

The U.S. is condoning the killing of a specific group of people (could be viewed as genocide) by not holding Israel responsible. It is also increasing resentment in the eyes of the majority of the Middle-East, especially in the Muslim population, who probably feel that even when they are the victims, they are treated as terrorists.

Dec. 27th: The chaos and destruction in Gaza
(BBC news)

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banana said...

wow...this makes me sad but i'm glad to know about what's happening. wish i could've made it out to the protest. thanks for informing the ignorant (me)!