Thursday, December 18, 2008

Can't he just leave already?

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Mr. Bush likes tampering with things his miniscule mind cannot comprehend... like civil rights.

He just passed regulations that would protect health care workers- doctors to janitors- from providing health care services that go against their "conscience". Thus, if abortions or birth control go against their "conscience" (personal, moral or religious belief), health care workers can deny the patient of those services. Furthermore, if the health care facility that said health care worker works for forces he/she to oblige, federal health officials can cut federal funding for that facility.
Saint Obama is already discussing the reversal of this regulation. However, depending on how far along this regulation gets prior to Obama's inauguration, it may take a while for it to be reversed. Senator Clinton and Senator Murphy have already proposed a bill to reverse it. When it does get reversed, Bush's favor to the religious and conservative fanatics, will be another favor of his that has wasted a lot of time and money ( $44 million to implement this bill).

Due to the bill's vague language, this "Right to conscience" can apply to a variety of people and health care issues. For example, health care workers can deny people of sex change operations if it goes against their "conscience". It probably could go as far as denying services to gay people if they don't believe in homosexuality or they believe that it's a sin. Infertility doctors have already denied performing artificial insemination to lesbian couples and unmarried women!

So in conclusion, ladies, singles and gays beware! Make sure to get your doctor's stance on all civil rights issues prior to letting him/her perform any service on you.

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