Saturday, January 3, 2009

Your energy can electrify the world.

(Courtesy of Sharons Web on Flickr)

Don't you sometimes feel that you could light up the world with the energy inside of you? Many days, I feel as though I have so much energy but not enough outlets. To rid myself of some of this energy I dance, wander and do silly movements, but I always have so much left to spare. Tokyo has come up with a solution in how to consume my unused energy:

Piezoelectric Flooring.
(Courtesy Tinou Bao)

Piezoelectric flooring is flooring that essentially absorbs the kinetic energy produced by the movement of people and transforms it into energy that can be used to power objects. The Tokyo subway systems have used this flooring to generate energy to power its display systems and ticket gates. With the amount of people that frequent these subway systems (busiest in the world), their floors are able produce 1400kw/day, which is more than what is necessary.

How it works
(courtesy tech-on)

How amazing would it be to know that every movement you make contributes to your communities energy?

Dance and save the world- What a beautiful notion.


banana said...

i love this!!!!!!!! true beauty in always find the stories, man.

Naaila said...

this is so coool!