Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best Buddies with Barack!

Mister Obama is about to become president and people are questioning whether their voices will be muffled through the status he's about to acquire. Worry not, he has got it covered.

The Citizen's Briefing Book is an outlet that lets you share the issues that you deem important and the ones that you feel need to be addressed by the federal government with Mr. President-to-Be. The issues that are best-rated will rise into the president's foreground and ideally, be addressed by him and the federal government. I absolutely love this idea! It turns our democracy, where we hope that the people we vote for keep his/her stance on political/social/environmental issues, into more of a social democracy where citizen's ideas and issues can be directly heard. Although, only a select few citizen's thoughts are heard, it is us who control who's the best rated and thereby, who is heard.

I don't really know how much effect the issues presented in this forum will have on public policy but hey, at least it's worth a shot. I guess in time we will be able to see whether the issues that matter most to us are addressed, both in the form of words and actions.

Fingers Crossed!

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Citizen's Briefing Book

Sorry for the disappearance. I was chasing time for a few days.

Isn't it strange that the action of crossing one's fingers can translate to good luck or to nullify a promise? A little weird.

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