Friday, November 14, 2008

Listen to your conscience scream.

Don't you feel sometimes that we're deaf to the cries of suffering? We're just sitting in our perfect little world full of trivial problems and that's all our narrow vision can see.

We need to
shock ourselves into existence.

The treatment occurring @ the prisons of Guantanamo Bay should be that shock.

Prisoners, who
may not have even committed crimes or engaged in terrorist activities, are locked in an torturous environment, literally. They endure waterboarding, an act that simulates drowning (forcefully binding the person, putting a cloth over his mouth & nose and pouring water over his face), which prior to our activity, we deemed an illegal act of torture (read: unconstitutional- cruel & unusual punishment). Numerous studies have shown that using torture as a method to uncover information is ineffective because the information obtained is usually completely or partially false.
(Waterboarding during the Vietnam War)

Another unconstitutional act is our refusal to grant these prisoners the right to a fair and speedy trial- they don't even have the right to
a trial.

Furthermore, the international community can't take the U.S. to court for these abuses against humanity because Bush strategically took America out of an international peace treaty that banned the use of torture.

We need to hold people accountable and we need to stop this atrocious behavior.

Sign the petition (takes 17.5 seconds) & become open to the cries of humanity.

End Torture- Close Gitmo